Death sentences have been issued against three Ahwazi activists for allegedly attacking a police headquarters in May 2017, Iran's Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili announced on Tuesday.

The activist sentenced to death are 27-year-old Ali Khasraji, 31-year-old Hossein Silawi, and 34-year-old Nasser Moramadhi. The latter was a police officer.

Three of the police attackers were sentenced to death, and the rest were sentenced to prison for periods ranging from five to 15 years, Esmaili said in a press conference.

In May 2017, security forces cordoned al-Malashiya neighbourhood in Ahwaz and stormed a number of Ahwazi homes.

This led to a clash between the security forces and 29-year-old Ahwazi citizen Adnan Hardani, who was killed by the security forces.

Security forces later arrested a group of Ahwazis in the city of Abbadan. The group allegedly carried out an attack against a police headquarters in Ahwaz. Security forces accused them of attempting to escape the country and flee to Iraq.

Ahwazi activists from Ahwaz have condemned the death sentences issued and stressed to the Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) that the sentences were issued behind closed doors and without the presence of lawyers.

Forced confessions were also extracted from the defendants, added the activists.

AHRO calls for the repeal of these sentences and the conduct of transparent, fair and public trials for all of the accused and detainees in Ahwaz in accordance with the standards stipulated in international covenants.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO)
16 January 2020