Speech by Mr.Qusay Doraghi the representative of the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz (DSPA):
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Ahwazi Arabs in Iran are faced with discrimination in the Iranian civil service.According to the university of ahwaz less than 1% high administrative positions granted to ahwazi arabs in the province! This means that almost 70% of the populations of Ahwaz region (the Arabs) held back of the key and important governmental positions due to their ethnicity. With inadequate political representation, the Ahwazi Arabs are unable to address the injustices faced by their people in the economic, cultural, political and judicial sphere.
Indigenous Ahwazi Arab students drop out of schools at a rate of 30% at elementary level, 50% at secondary and 70% at high school because they are forced to study the “official language”, Farsi, a language which is not their’s
Ahwazi-Arab people have been subjected to a forcible population transfer program. In the past 15 years 1.2 million Ahwazis have been forcefully displaced into central provinces whilst 1.5 million non-Indigenous Persians were relocated into government-funded resettlement towns such as Ramin, 1, 2, 3, and Shirin-Shahr in Arab cities in Ahwaz region.
More than 6,000 hectares of my tribes - Ahwazi farmland north of Shush which has been taken to “resettle the faithful non-indigenous Persians”, according to directives by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Revolutionary Corp Command.
Ahwazis cannot realize their economics, social and cultural rights unless the Iranian state respects Ahwazi arab minority collective rights and allow us internal autonomy to build our civil society and develop our cultures, languages, histories and economies.
At the end i would say that, We as AHWAZI youth would like to be known as a nation whom concerned about freedom, equality, justice and prosperity for all the people in the world particularly in Iran.