A number of activists and families of  Ahwazi Arab protestors gathered in front of the office of Abdul Karim Farhani, member of the Board of Experts of the Iranian leadership and the office of Mohammad Ali Jazairi, representative of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Ahwaz, to follow up on their families cases and asked for their release.
Activists told Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation that the relatives of the detainees have said that their family members were innocent and one of the detainees is not even an Arab but a Persian guest form the city of Arak in Markazi province who had wore the Arabic traditional clothes as a sign of friendship with his Arab friend. He has been arrested in the street and there are no news about his whereabouts. 
The son of the Ahwazi Arab host who is mentally disabled by Down syndrome was also arrested in “Malashieh” area.
 Another individual was a soldier who was serving his military service in Northern Iran, in the city of Rasht and was detained while visiting his family during the spring break. This soldier was arrested while walking in Ahwaz market.

The rest of detainees were arbitrarily arrested and were accused of participating in April demonstrations of Ahwaz. 
Ahwaz Human Rights Organisations condemns the continuation of the detention of Ahwazi Arab men and women and calls for the international community and human rights organisations to exercise pressure on the Iranian government for their immediate and unconditional release. 

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation