On 26 August the Iranian security forces attacked the residents of “Abolfazel” village in the suburbs of Ahwaz city.

On Wednesday, the residents resisted the confiscation of their agricultural land and homes which resulted in the arrest of dozen and the injury of several people.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation received several videos showing wounded individuals, and tear gas being thrown on the villagers, following their complaints about the vandalisation of their home by the security forces.


“Mostazafan Foundation” which is affiliated with “Ali Khemenei”, the supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran is claiming the ownership of the village.

“Abolfazel” village is home to 300 families. The residents assert that they have the ownership documents of their lands and home and have been living in this area for more than four decades, “Mostazafan Foundation” on the other hand claims the full ownership of the village and prevents the provision of services and water for agricultural means.

According to the residents this is not the first time that they have faced such attacks. Since the Iraq- Iran war and in the year 1988 under the pretext of “war zone”, the authorities confiscated thousands of Hectares of land. And since the beginning of 1990’s the authorities yet again confiscated thousands of Hectares for national projects such as sugarcane production which led to the displacement of villagers .

The step of the “Mostazafin Foundation” comes in the context of seizing the lands of the villages adjacent to the Ahwazi cities after the recent increase in the prices of those lands.
Ahwaz Human Rights Org