been campaigned with pretext of civil activities, human rights and campaign against the war they benefit the Islamic Republic. One of the worst lobbies is NIAC organisation (National Iranian American Council:

This lobby extensively acts against the nations and their causes in Iran particularly Ahwazi Arab cause. The organizations have been involved in misleading the international forums by providing fake reports that show Ahwazi Arabs are terrorists and extremism and the lobby worked on media blackout and prevent access of getting support within political forums, the US media and the UN forums.

The recent attempt by NIAC which tried to close the Free TV Channel:

The TV channel has been presenting and highlighting the Ahwazi cause and prepared interviews with Dr Karim Abdian, Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO).

Dr Abdian also met with Mr Jefrey Trimble The IBB Deputy Director and Mrs Lynne Weil, Director of Communications and External Affairs in BBG and he represented the Ahwazi cause and other Non-Persian nations in Iran. There was also concerns on the Persian lobby (NIAC) which supporting the Islamic Republic with the excuse of the campaign against the war on Iran. The Persian lobby also tries to provide with all the means to underestimate and deny the non-Persian nations persecutions and racism to be presented on the US media. The lobby has also extensively working to prevent and close down the media coverage of the Free Iraqi TV Channel since the channel tried to present and show the truth on the news on human rights violations against non-Persian nations generally and indigenous Ahwazi Arabs in particular. Iran nations, Kurds, Ahwazi Arabs, Baluchi, Azari and others suffer racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing; however, NIAC has been prepared an extensive campaign on denying and disbelieving reports by representatives of these nations not to reach international media and forums. The chauvinism NIAC tries to improve the relationship between the US and Iran and solidify the US national security and they try to pretend in helping the stability in the Middle East and supporting the Iranian moderates. However their attitudes towards the non-Persian nations reflect the Islamic Republic ideology in Tehran and deny the rights of deprived and persecuted nations particularly Ahwazi Arabs. The lobby also denies basic political, economical and human rights of these nations who have been marginalised by the Iranian regime.

In 2007 the American (Iranian origin) journalist Hassan Daiee revealed that the organisation (NIAC) works as a lobby and campaign in favourite of the Islamic Republic. Trita Parsi, who general secretary of NIAC, and the dual spy, denies the allegations and seeks legal actions against Daiee's claims. As a results of these allegations many secret emails and files which have been shared between Parsi and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Ambassador in the UN that time had been revealed. The organisation has also been worked as a campaign in the US to rally supports the Islamic Republic policies and abusing the federal law.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) will follow, seeking legal and diplomatic ways, and condemns the Persian lobby (NIAC) and will not the lobby to mislead the genuine reports on human rights violations of the nations particularly Ahwazi Arabs. Ahro with support of other nations representatives, like Kurds, Azari, Baluchi and other activists work to expose the true face of this racist Persian lobby.