ahwazi member in geneva

It has been cooperated by the Human Rights and UNPO

An event held by the Human Rights Council in the United Nations in Geneva on Tuesday on "The Future of Nations in Iran after Ahmadinejad" and discussed the current issues in Iran whose expecting another presidential election.

Representatives of the UNPO and activists from non-Persian nations in Iran have been invited to the event, also an Italian NGO called "Union of anti-violence" and international experts.

Mr. "Hillel Neuer", the Executive Director of the UN Watch concerns on the crises of nations in Iran and emphasized that the policies applied by the Iranian authority inconsistent with international standards.

Dr Karim Abdian, the Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) mentioned that will not be as a "real election" since it is neither fair nor free. Abdian also revealed that women are banned from presidential elections, and non-Shiaa, some 20% of the population, and Christens, Jews, Bahai’s, Zeroestorians, Mandeni’s and other religious minorities are also banned constitutionally- exclusion of these important elements of the society shows the nature of the presidential election and nations will not benefit from this election.

Dr Abdian also pointed out that the last two debates among the weight were not about how to address the societal problems, i.e., the economy, unemployment, poverty; or discussing democracy, human rights, or social justice - but who was most successful in suppressing decent in the past recent disturbance and events, in 2009 and 2003.

So this, the 12th presidential election, by all accounts, is the worst and the least open or least competitive election so far in the Islamic "Republic". It is deigned to accommodate more Militarization and the absolute economic control of the revolutionary guards.

Abdullah Hejab the representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDK) said the Iranian presidential election will not has impact on freedoms and democracy in Iran and the president would be a figurehead or a puppet. Hejab also added that in order to see real changes in Iran the constitutions should be changed and the Revolutionary Guards must not be involved in polocies.

Taimour Elyasi the representative of Kurdish Human Rights said that the Iranian regime works applying horror through arbitrary executions and rampant drugs to force the non-Persian nations to comply with the regime's demands.

Another speaker was Mrs Marina Namat, Writer of the book" Tehran Prison and after Tehran", she is an Iranian Christian who was spent two years in "Evin" Prison in North Tehran when she was sixteen and she revealed her experience on the notorious prison .

Haji Mohammad Kurd, the representative of the Turkman Human Rights Organisations claims for education in mother tongue and accused the Iranian regime because of discriminatory policies and human rights abuse against Turkmen in the North of the country.