ahwazi arrested

Four Ahwazi Arab activists from Falahiya (Shadegan), south of Ahwaz in south west of Iran whose death row has been issued recently by the Iranian regime seek help from the international human rights organisations. The Arab detainees have insisted via a leaked letter states that have been experienced serious mental and physical tortures by the Intelligent Service and have been forcibly confiscated on armed activities which they never committed. One of the detainees revealed that his friends been banned to be seen by their families for while and were thought that they have been executed secretly. The Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz had issued the execution on hanging on December 2012 against Ahwazi activists who live in Falahiya, south of Ahwaz city.

Leaked letter by one of detainees also revealed that after three years on detention the Revolutionary Court arranged an appeal lasted two hours and half and six of lawyers but the detainees never allowed to defend themselves and charged with "Mofsed-fe-alarth" (corruption on earth and "Mohareb" (fight with God and his Prophet) and decided to be executed by hanging. The detainees also added on the leaked letter that the final decision was made according to the forced confiscated by the Intelligent Services and was not allowed to appeal against the charges. Regarding to the armed activities, weapons expert, Ali Metri, said the no bullet had been fired on any governmental institutions or army based centres and no casualty was reported. The statement by the detainees was fabricated by the Intelligent Services and provided other false statement and confiscation.

According to news by the Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation on 24th September 2012, the Revolutionary Court, branch 1, in Ahwaz had issued execution, death sentence and exile against the following seven Ahwazi Arab activists from Falahiya (Shadegan):

Ghazi Ahmad Abbasi, D.O.B 1982

Abdul-Amir Houshang Moujadami, D.O.B 1980

Abdul-Reza Younes Amir Khanafera, D.O.B 1987

Jasem Moghadam Payam, son of Saeed, D.O.B 1984, single

The following had been charged with three years sentence and exile to Ardabil prison:

Shahab Ahmad Abbasi, D.O.B 1986

Sami Jadmawi Nejad, son of Aziz, D.O.B 1981, single

Hadi Albo Khanfar, son of Abdul-alkhether, D.O.B 1981, married

According to the case with issue number: 9010436300400791by the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, and Articles 105, 183, 109, and 191 of the Islamic Penalty Code, executions by hanging against four Ahwazi activists, and three others to be sentenced for three years and exiled to Ardabil prison. The charges are waiting to be approved by the Court Justice within 20 days from this date.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation condemns the charges against the Arab activists and call humanity organisations and international law to apply pressure on the Islamic Republic to stop the executions and release of political detainees urgently and without any conditions and respect to human rights and international conventions and norms.

Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO)