Ali Jalali

Ahwaz in rage after the Iranian police killed a 17 years old male from Arab minority group . The police shot a young Arab man of 17 named Ali Jalaly during the invasion of a popular market in Ahwaz . Ahwaz Human Right Organization (AHRO) condemns the killing of the young man and demands punishment of the officer responsible ,and also condemns invading public restaurants and cafes in "Nehza" area populated with Arab residence .

According to eye witnesses , residence of the neighborhood and local resources, Bloody clashes that have erupted between security forces and the people led to the killing of the young man and it also resulted in the injury of dozens .

Activists published clips on social media which shows gathering of hundreds of people in front of police station number 30 in Ahwaz.

people shout against security forces and their attack on the popular market .

AHRO considers the motives behind security forces invasions of these restaurants and cafes is that these places became the only place for young Ahwazi to express their opinions and also these places have Arabic names such as café Beirut, cafe Damascus, cafe nights of Ahwaz or golf café to name a few. These names are another reason behind authorities attacks and attempts to close such places. AHRO also added: "young people who attend these venues wear Arabic traditional clothes and reject the "Persianization" ( policy implement by Iranian government in the region to change its identity) and fight the Iranian government's policies that are seeking to erase their Arabic identity and Iranian government does not tolerant this rejection and persistence on following its policies and invading these places and seeking to close them are actually part of Iranian government policies in fighting people in different ways. " AHRO appeals to international community to put pressure on the Iranian authorities to comply with their international commitments and respect identity of the minority groups and their culture and allow them Assemble peacefully to express their opinions and their legitimate demands.