The Iranian Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz sentenced two Ahwazi activists to death. They are Abdullah Abdullahi and Qasim Bait Abdullah from Neighborhood shahour in  of Shush. The court sent also 6 other activists, to the prison ranging from 3 to 30 years in the same case.

According to the verdicts of the court , the prison sentence was given  to:

- Ahmad Abdellahi, 30 years old and a resident of Shosh, 25 years of prison.

- Majed Bait Abdullah, 23 years old, from the Khalaf al-Muslim village, 25 years of prison .

- Hassoun Beit Abdullah bin Abbas from the Derjal village, 31 years old, 25 years of prison.

- Hussein Abdellahi, 24 years old and the brother of the first accused and from Shahour district, three years of prison.

- Issa Abdellahi, 24 years old, and Majid Abdellahi, 24 years old , three years of prison each.

 The activists above had been charged of countering the regime by spreading anti-government propaganda and undermining national security by forming the "Jund al-Faruq" organization. They have been tortured by Iranian security since they were arrested in 2015.

 Human rights activists in Ahwaz believe that there is no real existence of the so-called "Jund al-Faruq" organization, and it is just an imaginary organization invented by the Iranian security services to eliminate Arab civil activists. In the last years, there have been similar examples of this phenomenon, where innocent Ahwazi activists have been arrested after being charged with involvement in organizations created by the iranian Security Service.

The Ahwaz Human Rights Organization expressed its concern about the increase in the number of random executions against Ahwazi activists and called on international organizations to intervene to stop the sentences issued against these activists and to hold a fair public trial in the presence of independent lawyers.

Ahwazi Human Rights Organization

6 September, 2017