According to latest reports on Jalizi village incident, 60 villagers including women, are still being detained. In recent days, security forces have been attacking the men and women farmers of the village who refused to give up their land to army affiliated organization named "ATKA". the farmers were protesting against the siege of their land by Iranian army.
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The army attacked the farmers with tear gas and sticks. Some women were hospitalized and iranian security forces arrest the women from the "Dehloran"hospital where they were receiving medical care.
On Monday 4th of December 2017  security forces entered the village with army vehicles and began random arrests of villagers in the street. They arrested more than 60 people. The clash escalated between the security forces and some member of other Arabic tribes that came to help their family members. 

The name of the detainees: 
1-Jassim Jalizi 

  1. Mrs Jassim Jalizi(his wife) 
3-No'a Hilo Jalizi

4- Tarfayeh Jalizi

  1. Hasneh Zomaid Jalizi
  2. Hemida Jalizi
  3. Hamideh Chabawi
8-Seyyed Shabib al-Haei 

9-Abu Bass Jalizi 

10-Sabah Jalizi

11-Jassim Jalizi

12-Zaghir Jalizi

  1. Seyyed Sabahi al-Haei

  1. Jassim Bastush Jalizi
  2. Saghir Khesjari
17- Abbas Karim Alshaye Jalizi 

18-Jassam Muhammad Sarkhi

19-Ali Maleh Jalizi
According to the villagers in Dechet al-Abbas, the village of Jalizi is still under siege by security forces.
On Sunday as the farmers of “Up-Jalizi" village were working on their lands, the "ETKA" organization, which is affiliated with the Iranian Army, entered the village and with the assistance of governmental security forces attacked working female farmers.
"ETKA" organization had already confiscated 4000 ha of land previously owned by Arab farmers and today seeks to seize the remaining 1000 ha. From 1986 this village was a part of "Khuzestan" province which is inhabited by Arab majority, but currently it is part of the "Elam" province.
Ahwaz Human Right Organization "AHRO" strongly condemns the state terror of Iranian government and the violence against the farmers and inhabitant of the "Jalizi" village and calls for immediate and unconditioned release of the detainees and demands the farmlands to be handed over to their owners.

7 Dec 2017 
Ahwaz Human Right Organization "AHRO"